Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favorite Photo for a Chance to Win a Free Class

Read this post for all the details.

So the question is "What is one of your very FAVORITE photos of a person that you’ve ever taken? Describe it, or better yet, post it and add the link here, and then tell me what it is about the pic that makes your heart sing."

So here is one of my very favorite photos of Ben that I've taken.

It was taken in 9/29/07. And I just love this photo! It does make my heart sing! I love the angle. I love the reflection of his hand in the puddle. I love the colors. I love that I got right down laying on the ground on my belly to get the shot. I love the lighting and the way his hair is blowing in the breeze! So thanks Jessica for giving me the excuse to share it!


Heather Landry said...

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you very much for visiting my blog on the Jessica Sprague blog hop. You're welcome back any time! I have lots of free digital template freebies and I love making new friends. Thanks again, Heather

Your photo is absolutely adorable. I love the wind ruffling his hair too. SO cute!

AmyG said...

Hey! Here we are in the blogosphere! I've been enjoying your gorgeous images on fb (you have a GIFT!); now there are even more here!